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Data Protection

Reduce privacy & security risks. Enable compliance. In the cloud, on-premises, or across systems—protect your data no matter where it lives.

Protection for how you work

In the digital economy, data fuels productivity, but it can also harm us. Imagine the impact on our business if it was turned off. By taking proper precautions to build in safeguards, we can not only optimise our use of data to generate revenue but also prevent harm or calamity. Data leaks, breaches, or mass corruption equate to serious devastation. Not just because you’ve lost a valuable asset, but your reputation and market capitalisation could be at stake.

A risk-based approach to data protection and security is the only way to protect everything from everyone
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Security reporting, transformed

Fix, prioritise, and enforce access controls in Microsoft Office 365

Using TMG Cloudland’s Office 365 policies and insights tool, you can monitor Office 365 health with tenant-wide security reports.

But how do you know if there’s a problem? “PI” aggregates activity and sensitivity data across your tenant, so critical issues are prioritised for resolution.

Then, edit policies in bulk and set them to be enforced automatically. Collaboration has never been easier in Teams, Groups, Sites, and OneDrive.

Centralise security reporting for Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 health can be monitored with PI, so your security team can easily answer questions such as: Who has access to sensitive data? Did they access it? Are there any external users who pose a threat?

You can get insights into the security of your Teams, Groups, Sites, and OneDrives with our help. It’s up to you to determine what risk means to you – choose the regulations or permissions controls in Office 365 that matter most to you! Let us handle the rest.

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Identification of exposure - such as anonymous links and shadow users in Teams

With tenant-wide object-based or user-based search, you can get the Microsoft 365 insight you need fast.

With dynamic dashboards, you can monitor critical access control and sensitive data over time.

Empower your business growth with TMG Cloudland.

By combining the expertise and proven track records of TMG and Cloudland, we deliver an enhanced portfolio of solutions, ensuring reliability, simplicity, and efficiency for those seeking a trusted, experienced partner.