Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Are you prepared to outsmart tomorrow's cyber-threats?

Let’s equip your team with simple, yet powerful tools to keep your business safe in the digital age.

TMG Cloudland

Your Cyber Security Must Be Foundational

We provide a foundational baseline of cyber security to our customers through:

Staff awareness training and culture shifting.

Maintaining in-house and 3rd party cyber security expertise.

Tight-knit relationships with global cyber security partners.

Procedural and policy governance (yours and ours).

Proactive end-point threat and health detection.

Good cyber security isn't just about the devices you use; it's about the tools you choose and the awareness of your team.

We hold a strong ethos that good cyber security starts with you and your team. This means we work with you to support your team through  training, testing and learning platforms as a foundational part of the cyber security framework that lies at the core of our offering.

The right mindset of a team is the first step in a resilient and well postured business.
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The Technical Work is On Us

From infrastructure to devices and applications, our 24/7/365 monitoring ensures your devices and endpoints stay a step ahead. We seamlessly integrate constant patching, updates, and real-time global feeds from our vendors, keeping us at the forefront of changes and potential threats. Harnessing the power of AI, our advanced threat detection processes ‘learn’ threat signatures, enabling us to identify potential threats earlier than traditional antivirus software.

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In strategic collaboration with Crowdstrike, we embed enterprise-grade cybersecurity frameworks into our core offerings ensuring your digital defenses stay ahead of the curve by keeping up with latest in security technology tools and information.

Cyber Security Services We Offer

Team Assessments

Whether gauging your current security stance or conducting competency testing, we deliver insights that empower your team and drive training objectives to keep your staff on-point.

Audits & Reviews

We provide insight and guidance around the core of your operations with through detailed reviews, ensuring your technological foundations aligns with your security objectives.


Navigate the complex landscape of compliance, regulations, and cybersecurity frameworks such as E8, HISF, NIST, and more. Our expert consultations provide clarity and strategic guidance.

Planning Support

Collaborate with us to navigate the intricacies of cyber insurance compliance and develop robust business continuity plans tailored to your needs.


Beyond implementation, we stand by your side, offering continuous reporting, support, and training. Uphold a proactive mindset across your organization with our ongoing commitment to your cybersecurity journey.

Reporting & Insights

Effective reporting isn't just a formality; it's a crucial tool in your defence arsenal. By meticulously tracking and analysing security incidents, you gain invaluable insights into potential vulnerabilities and threat patterns.

Our Cyber Security Service

We have developed a people-centric approach to support our foundational cyber security services that we offer to our customers. See below for free assessment and informational tools you can access right now.

Human Risk Management

Recognising that people can be both your greatest asset and your most significant vulnerability in the digital landscape, this service focuses on transforming your team into a proactive line of defence against cyber threats.

Free Online Assessment

Delivered in an easy, step-by-step guided questionnaire – our free online assessment tool gives you insight in to the key areas of robust cyber security and will provide a summary report allowing you to start your cyber security journey.

Free online assessment

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Partnered with global industry leaders, TMG Cloudland stands as your trusted ally in the ever evolving field of cyber security. Our team of experts bring combined decades of experience, blending cutting-edge technology with robust policies and procedures. Safeguard your business with confidence – reach out today to explore tailored cybersecurity solutions that align with your objectives. Your cyber protection journey starts here.

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