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TMG Cloudland is a leading New Zealand-owned Cloud Services Provider that stands apart due to its customer service, technology, capability and commitment to delivery. 

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Health & Medical

As New Zealand’s leading platform provider to health businesses.
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We optimise insurance operations through tailored IT solutions, enhancing efficiency and data security.
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TMG Cloudland supports accounting firms by providing easy-to-use, modern IT solutions.
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Charity & Non-profits

TMG Cloudland works with charitable and not-for-profit organisations to enable them to work at their best.
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Our MSP business ensures legal firms excel through seamless IT operations and fortified data protection.
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Health & Medical IT Solutions

Bespoke Technology Solutions for Patient-Centric Care

As New Zealand’s premier technology partner for healthcare organisations, TMG Cloudland stands at the forefront of enabling health businesses to excel and innovate. Our dedication to crafting solutions that streamline patient management systems is unmatched, making us the go-to choice for healthcare providers aiming for excellence.

How We Elevate Your Practice

At TMG Cloudland, we understand that the backbone of outstanding patient care is the seamless integration and reliability of your IT infrastructure. Our expertise spans across leading patient management systems like MedTech and Indici, ensuring your practice benefits from solutions that are not only tailored to your unique needs but are also grounded in the industry’s best practices, including ITIL standards.

Recognising the intricate demands of the health sector is central to our approach. Combining our deep IT knowledge with an intimate understanding of healthcare operations enables us to deliver services that truly align with your goals. From ensuring data security and regulatory compliance to optimising patient experience, our comprehensive support covers all bases.

Your Trusted IT Partner

Our team at TMG Cloudland is more than just a provider of technology solutions. We see ourselves as an integral part of your team, dedicated to managing and executing a robust IT strategy that lets you focus on what you do best—running your health business and providing top-notch care to your patients. With TMG Cloudland by your side, you’re equipped to face the digital future with confidence, knowing your IT needs are in expert hands.

Accounting IT Solutions

Streamlining Your Practice with Effortless Technology

TMG Cloudland specialises in elevating accounting firms into the digital age with straightforward, effective IT solutions designed to enhance your service delivery. Our role goes beyond traditional IT support; we become your strategic technology partner, ensuring your firm harnesses the most suitable platforms for unparalleled efficiency and client satisfaction. With TMG Cloudland, the complexity of managing your IT infrastructure disappears, allowing you to focus on what matters most—your clients.

Empowering Your Firm with Expert Guidance.

We understand that accounting practices thrive on accuracy, compliance, and client trust. Our dedicated team provides not just top-tier IT support but insightful strategy, guiding you towards technology solutions that make a real difference. Whether it’s cloud services that offer secure, anywhere access to financial data, or collaborative tools that streamline client communication, we tailor our offerings to fit your unique needs.

Your Integrated Technology Partner

Choosing TMG Cloudland means more than just outsourcing your IT concerns; it’s an investment in a partnership that grows with your firm. We handle the intricacies of technology so you don’t have to, but we’re also right there with you, advising on how to leverage these tools for maximum impact. Our commitment to your success is reflected in the simplicity and effectiveness of our solutions, designed specifically for the accounting sector’s demands.

With TMG Cloudland, transform your practice with beautifully simple technology that just works—freeing you to excel in client service and business growth.

What We Offer

Legal IT Solutions

Elevating Data Security and Privacy in the Legal Sector

In the legal field, where the confidentiality and integrity of information are paramount, TMG Cloudland stands as a beacon of trust and innovation. Law firms across New Zealand, tasked with safeguarding some of the nation’s most sensitive data, require IT systems where security and privacy are not just features but foundations.

TMG Cloudland offers bespoke strategic guidance to law firms poised to enhance their operational efficiency without compromising the stringent security measures they rely upon. Our expertise in cloud-based platforms is tailored specifically to meet the high standards of legal practice, ensuring that your move from server-based systems to the cloud is both seamless and secure.

A Partner in Your Digital Transformation

As the legal sector embraces digital transformation, moving towards more agile, cloud-based working environments, TMG Cloudland is here to facilitate this transition. We understand that for lawyers, the shift to digital is not merely about adopting new technologies but enhancing the way they work while maintaining an unbreakable commitment to client confidentiality and data protection.

Our approach goes beyond merely providing IT solutions; we partner with you to navigate the complexities of digital transformation in the legal field. By choosing TMG Cloudland, you’re not just updating your IT infrastructure; you’re adopting a security-first strategy that aligns with the unique needs and challenges of legal practice.

Embrace the future of legal work with TMG Cloudland, where advanced security meets cutting-edge efficiency in the cloud.

Charity & Non-Profit IT Solutions

Empowering Your Mission with Adaptable and Cost-Effective Technology

At TMG Cloudland, we understand the unique challenges faced by charitable and not-for-profit organisations. Operating with financial prudence while delivering impactful services requires IT solutions that are both efficient and adaptable. Our goal is to enable your organisation to achieve its mission by providing technology solutions perfectly tailored for cost-conscious entities with diverse user needs.

Training and Empowerment for Your Team

Recognising that the effectiveness of technology is as good as the users behind it, we place a strong emphasis on comprehensive training services. Our approach ensures that your staff is well-equipped to utilise our platforms fully, enhancing productivity and enabling your team to focus on what they do best—making a difference.

Scalability for Evolving Needs

In the world of charity and non-profit work, flexibility is key. Staffing requirements can vary significantly due to the project-based nature of the work or fluctuating funding levels. TMG Cloudland’s technology solutions are designed with scalability in mind, allowing you to easily adjust your IT resources to match your current operational needs. This means you can scale our services up or down without hassle, ensuring that you’re never paying for more than you need.

With TMG Cloudland, your organisation gains a partner committed to providing scalable, cost-effective, and user-friendly IT solutions that support your ever-changing needs, allowing you to focus more on your core mission.

Insurance IT Solutions

Streamlining Operations with Efficient and Cost-Effective Technology

In the competitive insurance industry, TMG Cloudland stands out by offering beautifully simple IT solutions designed to boost productivity and slash operational costs. We understand that insurers are constantly looking for ways to enhance their client service and operational efficiency. Our easy-to-use, modern IT solutions are crafted with this goal in mind.

Expert Support and Strategic Guidance

Our team provides unparalleled IT support and strategic insight, guiding insurance businesses through the selection of platforms that align perfectly with their unique requirements. But our support doesn’t end there. TMG Cloudland also delves deep into understanding your business needs to recommend technology solutions that will make a significant impact, helping you stay ahead in a rapidly evolving market.

By partnering with TMG Cloudland, you gain more than just IT support; you gain a strategic ally committed to enhancing your company’s productivity and reducing costs through innovative technology solutions. Let us help you transform the way you work, enabling you to offer superior service to your clients while managing your resources more effectively.

Empower your business growth with TMG Cloudland.

By combining the expertise and proven track records of TMG and Cloudland, we deliver an enhanced portfolio of solutions, ensuring reliability, simplicity, and efficiency for those seeking a trusted, experienced partner.

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