Personalised strategies to protect your teams and their data

Good cybersecurity has never been more important for businesses, and TMG Cloudland puts a huge emphasis on this with our clients.

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What does good cybersecurity look like?

TMG Cloudland works with you to help you establish procedures and governance to ensure cybersecurity is done well. This involves helping you to understand your obligations, identifying risks, and how any threats will be responded to.

We also empower your staff to play their part by emphasising the importance of strong passwords, and requiring measures such as mobile authentication (MFA).

The cybersecurity mindset

A positive culture is crucial for security resilience, and it requires buy-in from all staff in your business to be effective. People in your business must have a cybersecurity mindset, which includes:

  • Awareness of threats, which are constant
  • A willingness to learn and teach about cyber threats and risks
  • Having zero trust and questioning everything when it comes to digital activities
  • Taking action as a business to eliminate complacency
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Dealing with sensitive information

Many of our clients, such as healthcare providers and law firms, hold extremely sensitive data. This information includes data such as patient and client data, records and financial details.

It’s imperative that this data is protected to prevent it falling into the wrong hands. Failure to do so could result in disruption to the business, significant financial costs, and loss of trust.

TMG Cloudland has a comprehensive understanding of common industry security frameworks such as the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST), the Health Information Security Frame (HISF), and Essential 8 (Australia Cyber Security Centre).

We help you to personalise your cybersecurity to suit your business, ensuring that when an incident occurs, you’ll be well placed to respond effectively.

Empower your business growth with TMG Cloudland.

By combining the expertise and proven track records of TMG and Cloudland, we deliver an enhanced portfolio of solutions, ensuring reliability, simplicity, and efficiency for those seeking a trusted, experienced partner.