Cloud Workspace

Cloud Workspace

One Simple, Secure and Seamless Solution!

Are you ready to create your own personalised digital workspace? Are you ready to take productivity to the next level? Transform your business with a flexible, all-in-one solution.

TMG Cloudland’s YourWorkspace provides all the tools that you need without the complexity or expense of traditional solutions. One easy-to-use digital workspace combines emails, documents, applications, and communications.

Streamline and secure your work from any device, anywhere. Personalise your workspace with everything you need, and nothing you don’t!

You don’t have to waste time searching for files or remembering passwords. The knowledge that there is only one accurate version of a document gives you confidence when you work on them.

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All-In-One Digital Workspace

  • Design a workplace that is easy to use, enjoyable, and modern
  • Deploy workspace platform is always accessible, secure, and fully managed
  • Gain immediate control, scalability, and mobility
  • Ensure multi-level security
  • Ensure every team member has precisely what they need for their role, with one log-in
  • Manage files and applications centrally, so there is one version of truth
  • Know that your security and software is always up-to-date

Let Our Team Of Experts Take Care Of All Your IT Needs With:

  • IT Helpdesk
  • Anti-virus protection
  • Managed device operating system patches and security updates
  • System and application updates
  • Web browser access with dual-factor login
  • File, email and application management
  • User access and role management
  • Technology management

Focus on the big picture stuff knowing that your IT is in good hands.

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Your Workspace

With Your Workspace, you can take advantage of all the benefits of a desktop without dealing with the day-to-day hassles associated with IT.

Save Time On Basic Tasks

Spend less time on basic tasks so you can focus on what really matters. You can rest easy knowing that your team will work efficiently and seamlessly without disruptions.

Should anything go wrong, our support team is only a phone call away. There’s no need for any capital expenditure, or to hire IT support staff. You also don’t need to worry about upgrading costly services or installing software. It couldn’t be easier!

Empower your business growth with TMG Cloudland.

By combining the expertise and proven track records of TMG and Cloudland, we deliver an enhanced portfolio of solutions, ensuring reliability, simplicity, and efficiency for those seeking a trusted, experienced partner.