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Meet The PowerLabs Team

Geordie McPherson

Business Improvement Specialist

Having worked and managed operations across projects and internal systems within a variety of businesses in the last 15 years, Geordie has a wide understanding and functional knowledge around how businesses can achieve efficiency, improve performance, and maximise return on systems investment.

As the most quickly evolving component within any business, technology and cloud computing platforms can be difficult for busy business-owners to understand both where and why they should fit within their organisation. Geordie has ‘at the coal-face’ experience both as a business owner as well as operationally across small and large businesses. This means – for our clients – Geordie extends their own teams to provide insight and a deep understanding of how the moving parts of systems and digital operations do and should fit together.

“I appreciate all too well how business owners of all shapes & sizes know they need to know things but simply don’t have the time or lack the datum of a starting point. My passion lies in observing and learning the current way these things are being done, then picking out the inefficient parts and re-building these in to faster, better and more scalable outcomes using the right technologies that I know people will want and be able to actually use.”

Geordie has extensive knowledge across cloud platforms within the Microsoft stack, enterprise and customer relationship management applications and firmly believes the end-user holds the key to the successful uptake of digital transformation within a business.

He works closely with our lead developer Jack Glasson and together they have designed and deployed a range of digital business improvements for many of our customers.

Jack Glasson

Cloud Automation Consultant

Having studied for 4 years at Waikato University, he started his own business and he is now bringing his immense skillset to our team.

Jack has a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Comp Sci as well as minoring in project management.

In his spare time, Jack is either on his motorbike, skiing or catching up with friends.

“I get a real buzz seeing the positive effects automation can have on businesses and employees. The metrics we can pull from compiling data from across platforms provide deeper insights which in turn drives improvements and creates a better working environment for a company’s people.”

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